Our vision is to be a community of friends, knit together by love for Jesus and for one another, while allowing Him to live out His heart of compassion through us, both at home and abroad. We desire to release God’s heart through the discipleship of nations, by caring for widows and orphans, and operating in a lifestyle of night and day prayer.

House of Friends is an international nonprofit Christian mission organization releasing God’s heart of compassion through the discipleship of nations by caring for widows, orphans and the destitute around the world and equipping them physically and spiritually to reach their potential and destiny in God’s family to do the works of the Kingdom.


...Dining Hall for Abba House. 

...Sustainable farm project that will be for support  

   of Abba House. Long term goal is moving forward.


... Widow Outreach—Continue providing funding

     for widows and their children.


...Domestic Center—exploring facilities for and

   operation of ministry for 50 displaced Haitian


...Continue a feeding program for displaced Haitian


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    House of Friends and those who join us are caring for orphaned, rejected and destitute children, and are equipping them physically and spiritually to reach their potential and destiny in God’s family. Through House of Friends, HOPE is RESTORED as we follow Jesus to His endangered children and set them free by His love.
     We are friends of Jesus (John 15:15) knit together by His love, while allowing Him to live out His heart of compassion through us at home and abroad.
     We invite you to join our team of friends in this journey in doing the works of the King and the Kingdom. Herein lies an opportunity for you to release God’s heart of compassion within yourself  and to the nations through hands-on mission  work, financial assistance, and prayer. 

Click on IMPORTANT NOTICE above to view information on the closing of HOUSE OF FRIENDS effective December 31, 2015.  All programs will continue, and donations will continue to be received, by mail or credit card until December 31st.

". . . I have called you friends for all things that i have heard of my father i have made known unto you."  john 15:1 5